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Oct 16, 2020
In General Q&A
What to expect when you book a class on Breathe-in Yoga All our classes are interactive live class through Zoom. You can choose your favorite class from “Explore the classes” on menu, or you can pick the class on the calendar which fits your schedule. Once you book, you will receive the confirmation email. Click the link “Join zoom meeting” 5 mins before the class! Camera set up Set your phone/tablet/laptop where far enough to capture your full body but close enough to be able to see the screen. That is a distance 6~8ft(exactly same as social distancing distance!). Strongly encourage you to place a mat horizontally and capture your full side body so your teacher can see your body properly to be able to give you the verbal adjustments. Tips: If you have a tight space: Use your phone as main camera(phone camera has wider lens). Click the class link from your phone to join the class. Mute your mic but turn on the camera. Disconnect the audio(check the photo below). Use your another device(either iPad Or computer) as your view screen. Click the link from your 2nd device, mute and turn off the camera. Teacher’s audio will come out from here because you disconnected audio from your phone(If you want to speak to your instructor before or after the class, unmute your mic on the 2nd device). Check(or click Breathe-in Yoga screen) the active speaker View. Place this device in front of you so you can see teacher better. If you are practicing in front of TV and you have Apple TV or HDMI line, you don’t need to use 2 devices. You can just mirror your screen to TV for bigger view.  Most importantly, get rid of all the distractions as much as you can. Switch your phone to ‘Do not disturb’ mode and don’t look at the phone unless it is really urgent.  Yoga Props Yoga props are game changers. I highly recommend to get yoga blocks and a strap but if you don’t have them yet, you can substitute to paper towel rolls and non-stretchy belt. Invest in a yoga mat! If you buy a cheap one, you will end up buying new one soon. I recommend a non-slip mat thicker than 5mm with a good grip. I like Lululemon reversible mat 5mm and Alo Warrior Mat. Yes, they are pricey but they haven’t got stinky or ripped after years of use. If your mat is quite slippery, wet your hands and toes! Please join the class 5 mins before so you have plenty of time to set it up. Because of recent Zoom security setting change, the host needs to admit people in each time. If you are joining after the class starts, teacher can get distracted and it also delays the time. Please be on time! Thank you for watching and reading this tutorial. Hope it can be helpful. Happy Yoga!
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