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28-day Yoga Fit Challenge(Fitness focus)

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Ready to tone your body while you enjoy mindful yoga practice? Then this 28-day Yoga Fit Challenge is right for you! 5 of 30 minutes classes are specifically created for this challenge. Each class focuses on different target area of the body: Legs, Arms & Shoulders, Core, Hips and Full body conditioning. Each class is fast-paced vinyasa flow which constantly moves you with the drills to get yourself ready for the next challenging postures. You practice straight 5 days then rest 2 days, and repeat for 4 weeks. You will feel the difference in a month! You will also get 5 bonus classes in case you want to practice during the rest days ;) There is no certain order which one to take first, but for your convenience, I added each class on each day challenge so you can just follow the steps! It might feel challenging in the beginning but as you repeat each week, you will feel stronger! Another great thing about this program? You can repeat as many rounds as you want because it doesn’t end at the end of 28 days! Keep repeating and keep learning 💪🏻 Thank you and see you soon on the mat very soon! ————— By participating in this program, you agree to the terms & conditions and waiver:

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  • Power yoga 101
  • Day 1: 360 Core activation
  • Day 2: Leg Day
  • Day 3: Hips Day
  • Day 4: Arms & Shoulders
  • Day 5: Full body conditioning



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