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14 days Yoga Abs Challenge

  • 14Days
  • 30Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Summer’s coming! Let’s spend 5 min a day to create beautiful and strong abs! Each class will have 5 exercises, 1 minute each, 10 seconds rest between exercises. Repeat as many sets as you like! 15 mins cardio work before the core exercises will help raising heart beat faster. Do this challenge along with our live classes and you will feel the difference in 14 days. Use these two weeks to freshen up your regular routine and stay in shape. Take a picture of your abs now and compare 14 days later! * Ladies, please avoid core work during your period. Choose 2 weeks before or after your cycle :) ————— By participating in this program, you agree to the terms & conditions and waiver:

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