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Journey to Forearm Stand(Intermediate-Advanced)

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Forearm stand is one of the inversion poses people find it very challenging. Forearm stand is not just about core. To name a few of what you need: - Shoulder mobility to be able to stack shoulders over the elbows - Hamstring flexibility to split the leg in order to safely lift legs up without kicking - Core stability to find the balance After months of working on each segment without jumping into the pose, I surprised myself by getting into the pose so effortlessly. There is no short cut but I can teach you how to work on it more efficiently! This program has 6 recorded classes: - Power yoga 101: Our basic class that we focus on building the foundation - Power vinyasa_supported headstand: 30Min flow to warm up the full body for any arm balance/inversions + 15 Min learning supported headstand as a prep for forearm stand - Yoga Fit_shoulder mobility: Drill heavy class to build mobility on the target area. Mobility= flexibility + strength, that helps us to practice safely - Power vinyasa_Front split flow: Flow that will build up to the peak posture front split aka Hanumanasana - Yoga Fit_leg mobility: Pack of fun drills to build the leg mobility - Power vinyasa_Forearm stand flow: Finally the flow to practice forearm stand based on what we learned Practice each class repeatedly until your body and mind is ready! ————— By participating in this program, you agree to the terms & conditions and waiver:

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