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30-day Office Yoga Challenge | Healthy shoulders and hips

  • 30Steps


✅ Are you sitting on the chair and looking at the computer all day? ✅ You have shoulder pain all the time and feeling like getting old? ✅ You want to start exercise but don’t know where to start from? ✅ You are skeptical of online program because you are not sure if you are doing it correctly? ✅ Are you too busy to dedicate yourself to full hour exercise or yoga? If you check any of the boxes, you need to join this challenge now! I created 30 classes based on my yoga, pilates and anatomy knowledge and experience. It is so far THE BEST program I created ;) We will start on June 1 all together! All you need to do is taking 5~10mins of your day(30mins for the weekends😉), either at the office or at home, follow each day’s assignment! Each day is carefully designed to progressively build the mobility in your shoulders, hips and whole body, so don’t skip the steps! Once you join the challege, it doesn’t expire. You can always come back to it and re-visit the steps you want! You will learn so much about each body part and the right muscles, how to use them in an anatomically safe and efficient way! You don’t need any previous fitness experience. This program is designed for you! Join right now!

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4 Plans Available
From $59.99/month


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